Africa Day Message

Africa Day (known as African Freedom Day and African Liberation Day in other African countries), is the annual commemoration of the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), which has since become the African Union. The formation of the African Union on the 25th of May 1963, was driven by the need to coordinate and support emancipation efforts throughout the rest of Africa to ensure justice and equality of all peoples, to re-imagine and recreate Africa into a continent of progression, development and enlightenment. Today we, as Africa, stand as a significant part of the whole world. Africa is a participant and not merely a spectator.
The theme for this year’s Africa Day celebrations is, “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through investment in youth”. Then as now, the youth are game changers, often harboring immense potential due to their sheer energy, innovation, force of will and optimism for their future. Read More

However, conflict remains one of the continents’ biggest challenges for our youth who should be entrepreneurs, engineers, health professionals, artists and captains of industry but instead become objects of war.
Africa University consistently ensures that it is making a meaningful and substantial contribution to the continent’s development initiatives and goals that speak to the most pressing needs facing the continents’ youth through the provision of higher education in a conducive learning environment. The African Union’s Agenda 2063 is a strategic framework that seeks to create socio-economic transformation and Africa University stands dedicated to helping Zimbabwe and Africa realize full potential.
Pan- Africanism is not simply an ideal or buzz word for us, it is a way of life, from the way we recruit our students, to the way we teach, to the leaders we create. It is a value that is held dear by our students, faculty and alumni. We believe in Africa’s boundless potential and will always look to enhance and mould it through the education we offer. I would like to strongly urge you this Africa Day, to take a moment to look back at the rich history of Africa and in so doing draw inspiration, awe and motivation from what those who have come before have done and aim to build upon their legacy towards our vision of one Africa.

Prof. M. Furusa
Vice Chancellor

25 May 2017

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