About Research Office

About Us

We believe that as a university, we have a central role in contributing towards the world body of knowledge and solutions to societal issues facing Zimbabwe, Africa and beyond. Africa has been largely depended on solutions prescribed from researches conducted elsewhere. At Africa University, we believe that culture and heritage forms the basis for research and innovation for relevancy, context, acceptability, high impact and ultimately improved lifestyles. Grounded on the appropriate culture and heritage, Africa University has adopted an Applied Research Model: Research Innovation Technological Solutions/Processes Commercialisation & Enterprise Development. At the end, we believe that the output of research must be some business enterprise that addresses the issues the societies face and benefit at local, national and international level.


To be a world class Pan- African centre for research, innovation and technology development and commercialisation, contributing directly towards the development of Africa and the world at large.



To develop new technology, processes and solutions for efficiency and effectiveness in business, economics, agriculture, politics, food & nutrition, health, wildlife management, environmental and climate management that ultimately improve lifestyles in Africa and beyond.



The research office is committed to work towards our vision guided by the following values

  1. Research Integrity
  2. Respect for Participants/Research Subjects
  3. Fairness
  4. Empowering creative autonomy

The Office of Research & Outreach Programs (OROP) is mandated with the responsibility to lead and direct the research enterprise and outreach programs for the university. It is under the leadership of the Deputy Vice Chancellor who is the head of the university academic portfolio.

  1. Identifies funding opportunities and direct them to researchers
  2. Oversees proposal development and submission
  3. Manages award negotiations and award contract management
  4. Funder invoicing and collections to ensure smooth funding flows
  5. Maintains compliance with institutional, funder and public regulations
  6. Grants Management: Financial and administrative management
  7. Manages the research information systems
  8. Capacity building for staff and faculty