AU Campus clean-up campaign enters its third month

Story by

Jeanette Dadzie

1 March 2019

Africa University successfully held its third monthly clean-up campaign that was led by the institutions’ College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education. The nation of Zimbabwe at large has been called upon by the Government of Zimbabwe, and the country’s Environmental Management Agency, to become responsible wards and custodians of their environment by being mindful of properly disposing of materials such as plastics that are non- biodegradable, pose a danger to domestic and wild animals and are an eyesore in urban areas and country sides when left uncollected.

The Government of Zimbabwe has encouraged that,

“All Zimbabweans have a mandate to uphold environmental fundamental rights and freedoms which guarantee that every citizen of Zimbabwe the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health as enshrined in the nations’ constitution.”

On the first day of each month, schools, universities, businesses and the nation at large are urged to engage in clean up activities in their respective areas as a contribution to the effort and to green the environment. Mrs Zanele Furusa, the Head of Department for Environmental Studies in the CSSTHE, an avid environmental campaigner and goodwill ambassador for the Mutare branch of the Environmental Management Agency leads the institutions’ efforts at environmental conservation and awareness drives in the City of Mutare and Manicaland. Under her guidance, Africa University has one of the most robust and comprehensive waste management guidelines that ensures that waste is segregated, recycled and responsibly disposed of.

Mrs. Even Betera, one of AU’s cleaning staff and a participant in the clean –up campaign said,

“This is good for the university and for the students as the exercise promotes integration, and sheds light on the necessity for a safe and clean campus environment for all. It also allows for appreciation for the work that we do as the cleaning staff of Africa University and the love we put into our work to ensure that we maintain the stunning beauty of this campus.”

An overwhelming number of staff and students came out to show their undying support for the cause with the concept currying a huge amount of favour and buy in from the university community for this worthy cause.