The First Semester, March 2020 Intake Examinations are scheduled to begin on Monday the 15th of June and end on Wednesday the 1st of July, 2020. Download the Final Operating Examinations Timetable for ALL students.  
The Examinations Office would like to advise all students that:

  1. All examinations will be administered and submitted on the Africa University Learning Management System (Moodle Platform),
  2. Check and confirm Moodle credentials;
  3. Students should ensure that they are enrolled in Moodle into all the courses they are registered for. You are urged to do so before your examinations and communicate any challenges ahead of time so that they are resolved.
  4. Students are encouraged to log into Moodle ONLY when downloading the examination question paper and uploading their examination responses,
  5. Each examination will be taken within 48hours,
  6. Ensure internet accessibility for downloading examinations question papers and uploading responses upon completion;
  7. Students are encouraged to upload responses early to avoid last minute rush,
  8. All Examination Responses will be subjected to anti-plagiarism checks through the University Anti-plagiarism software and citations, where possible are highly encouraged,
  9. Any cases of suspected academic misconduct will be dealt with within the provisions of the relevant academic regulations;
  10. Students should be conversant with the dates, start and ending times of each examination.

All Moodle related queries should be directed to and University Email Account related queries should be directed to

Wish you success in your examinations