Master of Education in Educational Technology

About the Programme

The MEd (ETS) programme will enable students with a Bachelor of Education (BEd), Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAEd) or Bachelor of Science with Education (BScEd) from this university to undertake further studies within the same training institution and also from other institutions in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world beyond.
This programme will be a source of staff development for trained teachers (in-service training) for the staff from the Ministry of Education and other related ministries. The block release programme will enable school teachers in Zimbabwe and other African countries to access in-service training without unnecessary disruption to their teaching programmes.
It is becoming apparent that developing countries need to update themselves in the area of Educational Technology in order to be competitive in this modern age of technology. Educational Technology has a crucial role to play in equipping the children of today with the relevant skills and knowledge in the area of technology. This calls for the need to train teachers to impart knowledge and skill to students. Unfortunately, teachers with such skill and knowledge constitute a scarce commodity in Africa.

Core courses for all students

  1. ELM 528 Research Methods (3 credit hours)
  2. ETS 611 Technology Foundations in Education (3 credit hours)
  3. ETS 632 Distance Learning in Education (3 credit hours)

Major Courses to be Offered

Year One Semester One

  1. ETS 611 Technology Foundations in Education (3 credit hours)
  2. ELM 528 Research Methods (3 credit hours)
  3. ETS 612 Learning in the Digital Age (3 credit hours)
  4. MBA 502 Information Technology (2 credit hours)

Year One Semester Two

  1. ETS 621 Principles of Curriculum Theory and Design (3 credit hours)
  2. ETS 622 Multimedia Instructional Strategies (3 credit hours)
  3. ELM 529 Research Proposal Defense ( 3 credit hours
  4. ETS 623 Distance Learning in Education (3 credit hours)

Year Two Semester One

  1. ETS 631 Digital Media in Education (3 credit hours)
  2. ETS 632 Strategies and Integration of Productivity Software (3 credit hours)
  3. ETS 633 Development and Design of Media in Education Settings (3 credit hours)
  4. ETS 634 Assessment and Technology (3 credit hours)

Year Two Semester One

  1. ELM 629 Research and Dissertation (6 credit hours)

Career and Job Opportunities

An educational technology degree teaches students on how to implement cutting-edge academic resources into the classroom. Three possible career options are instructional coordinator, educational software developer, and training and development manager.