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I am delighted to guide you through the essence and achievements of our esteemed institution. At Africa University, we take pride in our commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and a vibrant community that fosters intellectual curiosity. Our collective dedication to nurturing future leaders, advancing research, and promoting social responsibility has positioned us as a beacon of education on the African continent. I invite you to explore the diverse facets of Africa University, where knowledge meets inspiration, and where our shared journey towards excellence is both a tradition and a commitment. Thank you for joining us on this exciting exploration of who we are and what we stand for

Prof. Rev Peter Mageto

Vice Chancellor

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About Africa University

Africa University, guided by its visionary commitment, aspires to position itself as a Student-centered University dedicated to leadership transformation across the African continent. With a mission firmly rooted in providing high-quality, pan-African-centered higher education infused with Christian values, the institution seeks to cultivate transformative leadership competencies in its students that align with the developmental needs of Africa.


To provide high quality pan-African-centred higher education grounded in Christian values and to nurture in students, transformative leadership competencies that are relevant for Africa’s development.


To position Africa University as a Student-centred University for leadership transformation in Africa.

  • Academic execellence
  • God-fearing Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Diversity
  • Ubuntu

with vision

to steer our institution towards excellence

Africa University’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2027

Africa University's strategic plan for 2023-2027 is designed around five key goals that underscore its commitment to academic excellence, holistic student development, and sustainable institutional growth. Through these strategic objectives, Africa University seeks to advance its mission of providing high-quality education grounded in Christian values while contributing to Africa's development and global academic discourse.

Student Access & Success
Invest & Empower
Financial Stewardship & Institutional Sustainability
Cultivate Strategic Partnerships & Economic Competitiveness
Internationalisation of Research, Teaching and Learning
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Africa University

at a glance

Academic excellence is ingrained in all we do, guiding our efforts to make a meaningful impact on society. Our faculty use their domain expertise to conduct transformative research to solve critical educational and human challenges in an interconnected world.







$ 200M

in funding





A Journey of

a thousand miles begins with a single step. From
that initial step taken years ago, Africa University has
evolved into a beacon of academic excellence, grounded in Christian
values and committed to cultivating transformative leadership competencies

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