Board Members

Board Chairperson

Mande Muyombo
Bishop. Mande Muyombo

Board Chairperson

Democratic Republic of Congo Flag
Democratic Republic of Congo

Bishop Mande Muyombo is the Bishop of the North Katanga Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Church. In that role, he oversees the largest episcopal area in The United Methodist Church, including three annual conferences with a total of over one million members. Muyombo is also the youngest bishop in the Congo Central Conference. Increasing the well-being of pastors, continuing the church’s evangelism efforts, and upgrading the health infrastructure in his episcopal area are all priorities for Bishop Muyombo’s ministry. Bishop Mande is also interested in engaging mining companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo on their Corporate Social Responsibility. He holds a Metallurgical Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Lubumbashi, DR Congo (1998). Between 2008 and 2010 Bishop Mande researched extensively on the role of the church in electoral processes respectively in Zimbabwe and DR Congo.

Board of Directors

G.J Domingos

Bishop. G.J Domingos

E.K Nhiwatiwa

Bishop. E.K Nhiwatiwa

L. Jonathan Holston

Bishop. L. Jonathan Holston

United States of America
Julius Trimble

Bishop. Julius Trimble

United States of America

Bishop. Malone

United States of America
Rev Peter Mageto

Prof. Rev Peter Mageto

Lisa Tichenor

Mrs. Lisa Tichenor

United States of America
Chamise Taimo

Dr. Chamise Taimo

R Fernandes

Mr. R Fernandes

United States of America
Charlie Moore

Mr. Charlie Moore

United States of America
Hilde Marie Ogreid Movafagh

Rev Dr. Hilde Marie Ogreid Movafagh

Pius Busera

Mr. Pius Busera

Denias Zaranyika

Mr. Denias Zaranyika

Lahi Luhahi

Prof. Lahi Luhahi

Democratic Republic of Congo
Fanuel Tagwira

Prof. Fanuel Tagwira

Anastacio Chembeze

Rev. Anastacio Chembeze

Alfiado Zunguza

Rev. Alfiado Zunguza

Uwe Onnen

Rev. Uwe Onnen

Greg Berquist

Rev. Greg Berquist

United States of America
Yeabu Kamara

Dr. Yeabu Kamara

Sierra Leone
A Mosley

Dr. A Mosley

United States of America
Celestine Mukalay

Mrs. Celestine Mukalay

Democratic Republic of Congo
Yogesh. K. Awasthi

Dr. Yogesh. K. Awasthi

Emmaculate Mvundura

Dr. Emmaculate Mvundura


Mr. Dabale

Zade Patel

Mr. Zade Patel


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