Emiriti Vice Chancellors

Emeriti Vice Chancellors

In recognition of the distinguished service and enduring commitment to academic excellence, Africa University proudly acknowledges and honors its Emeriti Vice Chancellors. These esteemed individuals, who have served at the helm of this esteemed institution, have contributed significantly to the university's growth, development, and unwavering pursuit of knowledge.

John W. Z. Kurewa
Prof. John W. Z. Kurewa

1st Vice Chancellor

1992 - 1997

Rukudzo Murapa
Prof. Rukudzo Murapa

2nd Vice Chancellor

1998 - 2007

Fanuel Tagwira
Prof. Fanuel Tagwira

3rd Vice Chancellor

2008 - 2014

Munashe Furusa
Prof. Munashe Furusa

4th Vice Chancellor

2014 - 2021

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