Africa University offers unique accommodation facilities that provides an ideal environment for a balanced academic and social lifestyle. Our students are drawn from all over Africa creating a culturally diverse and vibrant community where lifelong friendships are formed. Our on- campus accommodation structure ensures integration of the different cultures as we strive to instill the spirit of pan-Africanism within our student body. Currently, there are twelve halls of residence. Male and female students reside in separate hostels. Each hall of residence has either 5 or 6 study bedrooms in a corridor, with undergraduates residing in triple occupancy and the graduate students reside in double occupancy. A compulsory nationality mix is implemented in allocating accommodation to students, in order to promote integration of students. Every corridor has its own bathroom facility. Winter and summer have no difference if one wants to bath because hot and cold water are always available. In every hall of residence, there is a laundry room and a common room which has entertainment facilities such as DSTV. Africa University’s Housekeeping and Maintenance Staff keep the halls clean and habitable. All the twelve Halls of residences are strategically located within a walking distance to the main administration block, state of the art library, clinic, sports facilities, and Chapel and lecture rooms with the furthest being about 5 minutes walking distance away. The advantage of staying on campus at Africa University is the access to the Internet 24 hours everywhere on campus. This include in classes, dormitory, library, computer library, everywhere. The University also provides twenty four hours a day security services in and around campus, so students are assured of a secure environment. Living on-campus helps one to develop personal independence whilst developing some human and interpersonal skills through being a part of a community, under the guidance and supervision of a caring and professional team of Warden, Assistant Wardens and Sub-wardens

Affordable accommodation fees are charged according to whether a student is in Masters or undergraduate programme.

  1. Masters students reside in double occupancy and are charged $600.00 per person per semester.
  2. Undergraduates reside in triple occupancy and are charged $400.00 per person per semester.

Africa University has very beautiful and well equipped rooms, with enough ventilation. The rooms provide a very well conducive environment for study, relaxing and resting. For study, the rooms are provided with a desk, chair, shelf to put books and a study lamp. For relaxing and resting, there is a bed so comfortable and soft. In the rooms, a locker or wardrobe is provided for students to put their clothes and other belongings. The rooms are always kept nice and clean and one always feel at home.

  1. In a double occupancy room, there are two of the following: single beds, spacious fixed wardrobes, fixed reading desks, chairs, book shelves, reading lamps and sockets.
  2. In a triple occupancy room there is an additional bed, movable wardrobe, movable desk and chair.
  3. The hostels are gender specific i.e. there are separate male and female hostels. Being a Church Related Institution we try our best to uphold moral values in our set up and as a result we get a big nod from the girl child parent.

Campus accommodation for Students is limited and hence Off Campus accommodation is outsourced for students who do not get places on campus. University sourced accommodation is made available to students in order to reduce the burden and anxiety on the student on where to stay. The off campus accommodation is vetted to meet the expected standards of the University and a University bus is available to ferry the students to and from.

An advertisement inviting students to apply for accommodation is published through web mail at least six weeks (mid-March & mid-October) before the end of each semester. All returning students must be registered for the current semester to be eligible to apply. Only conventional or full time students are eligible to apply for campus accommodation

Students apply by logging onto the student portal then click on accommodation, write their application letter and click submit.

The student must make sure that the application show that it is submitted

Approval is based on the Students Accommodation policy which is as follows:

  1. International and physically challenged students.
  2. Fully funded students/students on full scholar ships.
  3. First year and intensive English students.
  4. Final year students
  5. Graduate students
  6. The rest of the non-final year students.

Approved students names are then invoiced by the business office. Students make payment for tuition and accommodation.The student registers for the semester. The student proceeds to have a room allocated once they are registered.At the end of the semester, the student is de- allocated and checked out of the room.