Issue 03 Volume 01July – September 2015

From the Directors' Desk We would like to welcome our growing constituency of readers to our third edition of Dream Catcher, the quarterly e-newsletter created specifically for Africa University Alumni and friends and partners like you.
The last three months have been full of activities on the campus and wherever members of the alumni are based. This third edition, therefore, covers some of these activities, among which are the graduation ceremony of June 2015, visit by our alumni to campus and some programmes that the Alumni office and members are doing in the continued investment in Africa’s future.

In this edition, therefore, we continue our tradition of covering news about Africa University and how the unique institution is changing Africa, in addition to new developments on the campus and the ways by which the Alumni Office can partner with you in pursuit of common objectives with a view to achieving desired progress.

We are always on the lookout for people who have a passion for service and the dream of Africa University at heart. We have a large number of associations and groups throughout Africa and the world that are searching for new members to join them in serving their communities and being ambassadors for the Africa University brand.

We look forward to your contributions and involvement.

Wehnam Dabale ‘07 & '10
Director, Alumni Affairs

AU records highest number of Alumni at 2015 Graduation

Graduting Students

There was a buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air, as the atmosphere was positively charged with energy.

All could not help but be infected with the positivity  that abound at Africa University’s Old Mutare Campus, nestled in a valley surrounded by rolling blue hills and serenity, a place of beauty.

Driving up to the campus, the usual landmark that stands out in the skyline, the cross atop the Kwang Lim Chapel was superseded by the presence of a humongous big-top tent, gleaming in a brilliant and opulent white in the warm winter sunshine.

This was graduation day. The 14th of June. Cars took up every available space as the proud parents of the newest Africa University graduates walked up to the venue. All around, a sea of black robes, the regalia of academics, were to be seen everywhere topped with the various rich gold, green and silver representing each discipline.

Taririo Mubvumbi- Best Graduting Student

With every guest dressed to the nines, there was no mistaking that this was a special day; not just for the graduates and their families but for the university as well making this a landmark 21st graduation showing how far we have come and how much we have grown. This graduation was also the biggest, not just in scale but in sheer numbers with the 2015 group being the largest graduating class to date. This collection also had the highest number of female graduates. There is no doubt that Africa University is leaving its mark and is a force in Africa’s educational sphere.

Over 600 new alumni were inducted into our ranks. And so with a warm heart and outstretched arms, on the behalf of every chapter, association, club, group and alumnus, we say welcome! It is such a privilege and joy to know that the numbers of Africa University’s alumni base are growing each year with the recruitment of more individuals who are eager to volunteer their time and efforts to advancing our special institution.

Larissa Ngoma
Best Congolese Graduating Student

Grateful thanks must go to the Democratic Republic of Congo Chapter of the AU Alumni who annually makes available an award for the Best Graduating Student and Best Graduating Congolese student. This year’s recipients of these prestigious awards were Tariro Mubvumbi (Best Graduating Student - CGPA 3.91) and Larissa Ngoma (Best Graduating Congolese Student). Ms. Mubvumbi went on to show her leadership and sterling talent as she gave a heartfelt vote of thanks and advice to the new graduates about the importance of commitment and fortitude and went on to pledge her support, dedication and time towards Africa University in upholding the institutions values and being a proud ambassador and alumnus.

Congratulations to our latest inductees who are over 600, congratulations to the parents of the amazing graduates and congratulations to Africa University on the successful hosting of guests at the amazing ceremony!

For more information on the 2015 Alumni, kindly contact the Alumni Affairs Office

Annual Alumni Scholarship Fund

The Global marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive with thousands of graduates being turned out every year. The world’s levels of wealth and general prosperity have increased to such levels that education has moved from being a privilege of a few ultra rich or relatively comfortable to a basic human right that should benefit each and every individual regardless of race, gender and religion.

Gradaute Freddy Kabwita (DRC) Snging
wih the choir

Attaining a Bachelor’s degree, which as recent as the 80’s was the “be all and end all” of education, was still novelty. In 2015, the trend has changed dramatically with a Bachelor’s degree being the minimum requirement for the majority of entry level jobs where hitherto, high school leaving certificates sufficed.

The fact that education has become so pervasive and accessible, especially in Africa, is fantastic. The more educated people we have the more fair and equitable our societies become. We leave ourselves less vulnerable to economic shocks that in the past would have rendered us helpless; education has the power to change lives.

Imagine for a second, ignoring the positivity highlighted before, that you were not able to get an education, not able to go beyond secondary school, or even primary level. What would your future look like and what opportunities would you have? It has been said that true wealth does not lie in physical cash but in the access to opportunities and choices that can positively influence one’s life. Education is a sure way to expand one’s horizons but there are still so many despite the statistics that are not able to afford one of the most basic human rights, the right to learn. Many reach the university but fail to complete their studies due to a lack of funding. Their horizons become significantly whittled down, and they become vulnerable and at risk of the poverty trap that so many of us Africans strive to break. Theirs is a future devoid of opportunity and wealth.

African Child

As Alumni, we can alter the somewhat dreadful trend. The power we wield individually is nothing compared to the force of change that we can muster as a movement of like-minded, educated and blessed people who come together to ensure that as many young Africans as possible are given a chance to make it in life by acquiring the foundation of a degree that can make all the difference in their lives.

Here is the challenge: Africans helping themselves and finding ways to help others. How? Seeing as many young students as possible at the Africa University through to graduation. Such a task may seem daunting, but the initiative and vision is all that is needed to make this a success. It starts with putting one student through school who then becomes an alumnus and he or she puts in the time and resources to help another, and so on. Soon, our efforts snow ball and our humble beginnings become something far bigger than any one contribution.

Africa University Main Gate

The Africa University Alumni Association embodies transformation and change; it is a quality that runs in the veins of each and every student that attended this great university and graduated from it. The time has come for us to walk the talk and start changing lives. We would love to hear back from all of you on what you think about this initiative and how we can get started.

For more information and other consultations, you may contact the Alumni Affairs Office

Courage and Itai Mudzengo on AU Campus for NDSU Presentations

It was on the 25th of June when we were blessed with the presence of Courage Mudzengo and his stunning wife, Itai, all Zimbabwean AU alumni but now based in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Both were on campus for students’ recruitment and presentation on the “Opportunities of Further Education at North Dakota State University (NDSU)”.

Courage Mudzengo and his stunning wife, Itai

Courage attended Africa University in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) in 2005 and graduated in 2009 with Bachelor’s degree while his wife joined AU in 2002 at the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resurces, graduating twice with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She was later absorbed in the faculty as a lecturer in 2009, whereupon she proceeded on study leave to pursue her PhD under the Fulbreight Scholarship  in Natural Resources Management in the USA.

Currently, Courage is a PhD student in Developmental Science in Human Development and Family Science at the NDSU and working with the Graduate School in communicating with prospective undergraduate and graduate students in Africa. He is truly a good ambassador of AU as accented to by the Coordinator of Marketing, Public Relations and Recruitment of NDSU, Sonya Goergen: “We have been impressed with Courage’s success as a student so much that we are interested in recruiting more students from AU.”

While on AU campus, Courage was asked about his experiences at Africa University. His enthusiasm and love for the institution shone through as, without hesitation, he responded: “It provided a firm foundation for life, graduate school and it opened doors. I learnt a lot, saw a lot and made connections.”

Sonya Goergen - NDSU Recruitment Officer

Other fond memories that stood out for him were the regular exchange students that showed him that there was more out there, a world beyond Africa University and Africa. Exchange partnerships are still very much valued and a consistent aspect of Africa University life as it embodies the diversity that we as alumni are so proud of and make us so dynamic and easily adaptable to virtually any cultural setting we eventually find ourselves in. Itai and Courage’s experiences are testament to this.

“I did not struggle.  The education I received from Africa University carried me through the education system in the US though it’s different. I managed to keep up and do well especially compared to students from other countries.”

The Chapel and the Praise the Lord Choir (of which Itai was a member) has a place in the hearts of this blessed couple as they remembered the music that came from all corners of Africa, especially the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and the spirit that it embodied. Many alumni can resonate with this, the booming and proud voices and songs that formed the backdrop and were a soundtrack to many special events at the university. Nearly every alumnus graduated in true style, pomp and ceremony and will fondly associate the choir with the wave of congratulations and goodwill that sent each of us off into the world.

Courage also revealed that he was SIFE president in 2007 and being a member of this great club that has stood the test of time had impacted on him and his wife with the various community projects they were involved in that touched heavily on community development initiatives igniting their shared passion for youth, rural development and creating environments that facilitate the sharing of ideas, grassroots initiatives and poverty reduction. Courage reflected on an occasion that specifically stood out for him when he helped to organize a Youth Business Symposium.

SIFE - Enactus Logo

Although both are still based in the USA, they plan to return to Zimbabwe to contribute to research that engages community development projects and provide, inspire and encourage leadership that will steer Africa to new heights. When asked what message they had for their fellow alumni, Courage simply said: “Get connected, stay in touch and give back.”

Itai also chipped in words: “I see AU as being part of my story. It molded me and it must be safeguarded as some others can come here and benefit the way that I did and create their own stories and memories. Africa University should be shared.”

Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, it is undeniable that Africa University is a very unique and special place, one that cannot be easily forgotten and whose impact in each of our lives is undisputed.

Many thanks to our beautiful alumni couple Courage and Itai Mudzore for flying the flag of Africa University and Africa in the field of academia and for allowing us a glimpse into their lives and what they are doing in the service to humanity. 

For more information on NDSU or how to partner your alma mater, you may contact Courage Mudzengo through email: or the AU Alumni Affairs Office

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