Emeriti Chancellors

Bishop John K. Yambasu (Deceased)





For the unity of Africa and all people

Bishop John K. Yambasu was the Resident Bishop of the Sierra Leone Area, which includes the Sierra Leone Conference in the West Africa Central Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Bishop Yambasu was tragically killed in a road accident on August 16, 2020.

Born in southern Sierra Leone, Yambasu studied at United Methodist mission schools. He was ordained a deacon in 1987 and an elder in 1990.

He served churches in Moyamba and Freetown until he began to focus on Christian education and youth ministry.

A graduate of Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Yambasu taught in many schools, including the denomination's Harford School for Girls in Moyamba. He also was the Sierra Leone Conference's director for Christian education and youth ministries and founded the Child Rescue Centre in Sierra Leone, serving as its executive director until he became a regional missionary in 2000.

He is survived by his wife, Millicent, and five children — Rebecca, Adima, John, Emmanuel and Elizabeth.

Bishop David Kekumba Yemba





For the virtues of the Ubuntu philosophy and Pan-Africanism

Bishop David Kekumba Yemba is a retired Bishop of The United Methodist Church. He was born in Dungu, the Democratic Republic of Congo. He graduated from Université Libre du Congo with Licence en Théologie (Distinction) and from Université de Strasbourg with Docteur-ès-Science Religieuse.

David was ordained deacon and elder in the Central Congo Annual Conference by Bishop John Wesley Shungu. He combines both academic and pastoral activities in his Christian ministry.

He taught Systematic Theology in many institutions of higher learning, including Africa University where he served as founding Dean for almost fourteen years, with a certificate awarded for ten years of pioneer service to the University. Before moving to Africa University in Zimbabwe, he served also as Dean and then as President of the Protestant Interdenominational Seminary in Kinshasa for twenty one years. David Yemba is author of several articles in theological journals and of various church documents and reports.

As to pastoral ministry, he served as chaplain of Katubue United High School and as one of the pastors of the International Protestant Parish of Kinshasa. He was Administrative Assistant to the Bishop in the West Congo Annual Conference. David was elected delegate to the Africa Central Conference in 1972, 1980, 1984 and 1988 and to the General Conference in 1992. He also served as member of the African Church Growth and Development Committee of the GBGM.
The Congo Central Conference elected him to the episcopacy on February 12, 2005. He was re-elected in 2008.

In addition to teaching and administrative duties, David has served as member of the following learning societies and national institutions: National Executive Board of Bible Society in the Congo, Oxford Institute of Methodist Studies and Editorial Board of Quarterly Review with, for the latter, a certificate of recognition awarded. He was elected President of the Association of Theological Institutions in Francophone Africa, Vice President of the World Methodist Historical Society for Africa and Moderator of Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Church, 1998 – 2006. He was also elected National President of the Civil Society of Churches and Religious Confessions in the Congo and, in that capacity, Vice President of the National Board of Ethics and Election.
Henriette K’Untu and David K. Yemba were married on August 24, 1969, at Wembo Nyama Mission. They have five children: Rosalie Ogar, Hélène Ngoy, Emmanuel Yemba, Joseph Yemba and Benjamin Yemba. They also have three grandchildren: Alexandra Ogar, David Ogar and Jonathan Ngoy.

Bishop Nkulu Ntanda Ntambo





For the cause of African education

Bishop Nkulu Ntanda Ntambo is a retired Bishop of The United Methodist Church. Ntambo finished his six years of elementary school in Kabongo. He went to secondary school in Lubumbashi for six years and then went to seminary for four years in Mulungwishi. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Nairobi International School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya.

His professional activities include: 1967-1972, Elementary School Teacher; 1976-1977. Senior Pastor at the parish in Lubudi; 1977-1982, District Superintendent Bukama-Lubudi; 1982-1983, Bishop's Secretary; 1987-1989; District Superintendent Kamina; 1987-1993, Christian Education Director, North Shaba; 1992-1992, Senior Director at Kamina-Ville UMC.

Bishop Ntambo worked as Assistant Legal Representative of North Shaba for sixteen years (1977-1993). He occupied the following positions: Executive Committee Vice-President; Secretary for Swahili-speaking people at the North Shaba Annual Conference; General Board of Global Ministries director; interpreter at the 1992 General Conference in Louisville; chairperson of the North Shaba Aviation Committee, Construction Committee, Ordained Ministry Committee; IPIM in the country of Burundi (1993-on as D.S., Supervisor and spiritual coordinator for refugees).

Bishop Ntambo planted about 157 churches in the region of Bukuma and Lubudi. He opened two congregations in Nairobi. During his ministry he visited the following countries in order to fulfill his tasks: Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Senegal, Zambia, U.S.A., Israel, Angola, Gambia, and South Africa.
He was elected to the episcopacy in 1996 and served the North Katanga Area, Democratic Republic of Congo until his retirement. He is married to Nshimba Nkulu; they have eight children (three boys and five girls)

Emeriti Chancellor
Bishop Emilio J. M. de Carvalho
1992 - 2002





A university for all of Africa

Founding Chancellor Bishop Emilio de Carvahlo was born in Quiongua, Angola.

He studied at the Faculdade de Teologia da Igreja Methodista in São Paulo, Brazil, while serving as assistant pastor at two local churches.

He received his B.D. degree in December 1958. Then he obtained an M.A. at Northwestern University in June 1960, after which he was ordained deacon by Bishop H. C. Northcott on June 3 of that year, at the Wisconsin Annual Conference.

Emílio J.M. de Carvalho returned to Angola and was appointed at Central Church in Luanda. In 1965 he became a professor and principal of Emmanuel Theological Seminary in Dondi, Angola. On January 2, 1966, at the Angola Annual Conference, he was ordained elder by Bishop H. P. Andreassen.

At the Africa Central Conference session held in Limbe, Malawi, in August 1972, Emílio J.M. de Carvalho was elected to the episcopacy and assigned to the Angola Area. He was consecrated by Bishop Escrivao A. Zunguze on the 21st of October of that year, in Luanda. He retired September 1, 2000.
He is married to Marilina de Carvalho and they have three children: Arí César, Eunice Paula, and David Mauro.