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James Madzimure
Prof. James Madzimure

Endowed Chair & Lecturer

Department of Agricultural Sciences

College of Health, Agriculture and Natural Sciences

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Ext 2032


Prof. James Madzimure is a versatile Animal Scientist who has specialised in monogastric animal nutrition and is passionate about agribusiness start-ups. He has five commercialised products with his team. He has over 20 years working experience in private and the public sector. Prof. Madzimure worked at Henderson Research Institute as a Senior Research Officer for ten years. Worked in Zimbabwe and South Africa universities such as Women's University in Africa, Chinhoyi University of Technology, University of Fort Hare & University of KwaZulu Natal. Prof. Madzimure has served at administrative level as a Departmental Chairperson and sometimes as Acting Dean. He is well published and has an excellent community service record.

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