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Nkosana Maphosa
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Nkosana Maphosa is a dynamic and disruptive law lecturer at Africa University School of Law, renowned for his innovative approaches to legal education. With a rich professional background, including teaching roles at the University of Zimbabwe’s Faculty of Law and Great Zimbabwe University's Herbert Chitepo Law School, Nkosana brings a wealth of experience to the academy. As a founder of several initiatives, he is deeply committed to advancing development and transformative leadership in Africa. His philanthropic activities underscore a passionate commitment to empowering communities via the rule of law, education and ICT literacy. Nkosana believes in the transformative power of innovative volunteerism and actively champions initiatives that promote sustainable development in Africa. He is an Afro-optimist, thoughtful and trusted rule-of-law adviser. His expertise is in law and economic development. He has a nuanced understanding of emerging legal domains such as animal law and law and technology (Artificial Intelligence Law), which positions him as a sought-after authority in legal circles. Nkosana is also an international speaker and facilitator known for inspiring audiences with visionary insights and practical wisdom. He holds relevant qualifications from the United States of America, South Africa and Zimbabwe and is deeply committed to leveraging his expertise for the betterment of Africa. With a passion for sustainable development and a firm belief in the law, legal frameworks and institutions' potential to effect positive change, he continues to be at the forefront of shaping a more just, prosperous and equitable Africa.

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