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Timothy Makambwa
Mr. Timothy Makambwa

Head of Department

Department of Computer Engineering

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Currently holding a prominent lectureship at Africa University, Mr. Makambwa is a driven and skilled computer science specialist. Having completed more than 18 years in academia, he has made a name for himself in the computing industry. The National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe, awarded Mr. Makambwa a Master of Science in Computer Science. His areas of specialization include artificial intelligence, discrete mathematics, digital signal processing, neural networks, mathematical computing, management information systems, and educational technology. He is committed to creating a vibrant and stimulating learning environment for the students in his role as lecturer and as the current Head of the Department of Computer Engineering. His approach to teaching places an emphasis on striking a balance between theoretical understanding and real-world application, giving students the tools they need to solve real –life problems.

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