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Yogesh. K. Awasthi
Dr. Yogesh. K. Awasthi

Board Member

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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Dr. Yogesh Kumar Awasthi is an accomplished academician and researcher with a diverse background in Computer Science and Engineering. With over 21 years of experience, Dr. Awasthi has made significant contributions to the field through his expertise in educational technologies, Software Engineering, IoT-based systems, and machine learning algorithms. Currently serving as the Dean of the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Africa University, Zimbabwe, Dr. Awasthi brings his visionary leadership and passion for innovation to foster academic excellence and research advancements. Dr. Awasthi's research endeavors have resulted in numerous publications in reputable journals, covering areas such as IoT, machine learning, network security, and agricultural technologies. His commitment to academic excellence, coupled with his dedication to mentoring students, makes him a valuable asset to the university community. With a strong academic and professional background, Dr. Awasthi is poised to contribute to the University's mission of empowering students through quality education, research, and technological advancements.

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