AU Community Integration Night: A students’ night of entertainment and social awareness

Story by
Expectation Mazarura and Thandeka Nyati
Office of Advancement and Public Affairs Student Development Assistant
Led by the office of the Dean of Students, the Africa University community on Saturday the 2nd of November 2019 held a highly entertaining and impactful community integration night as per Africa University tradition, giving cognisance and appreciation to the rich cultural diversity the institution hosts.

Held under the theme “A Night in the Jungle”, the intention of the event was to not only provide entertainment but to educate and raise awareness on various topical issues that affect the student body and continent, providing a juxtaposition of Africa’s big five animals and the bringing to light of five challenging social issues namely “Blessers”, Xenophobia, substance abuse and mental health with each of the big five paired with one social issue.

The Africa University Vice Chancellor Professor Furusa addressed the community saying,

“It is our diversity that makes us strong as a community and that sets us apart as a unique place where as students of one continent, we have the opportunity to grow, to interact from each other to celebrate our Africanness. Activities such as these are crucial in creating a shared sense of belonging and ownership with regards to our common cultural heritage.”

One of the critical aspects of many community integration and outreach initiatives organized by the University is to ensure that the transformation does not stop with institution but benefits the larger community. In line with this, the student body made a generous donation of a brand new bicycle to Mr. Jackson Makambira, a member of staff from the University farm so as to grant him greater mobility as he travels to and from work. Mr. Makambira lives 15 Kilometres from the university campus and the students felt that they wanted to make his life easier through translating the Ubuntu philosophy into action.

Tinovimba Munembe, the Head Subwarden and one of the organizers of the event said,

“As the subwardens, we can safely say "a night in the jungle" was a success. The turn-out was amazing, the outfits were vibrant and the performances were inventive and enjoyable. We are so thankful to all those that came to the event and made it a success.”

The students from the different halls of residence and boarding houses in the City of Mutare then proceeded to showcase the rich talent that they possess through music, dance, drama and poetry in response to present day social ills. Africa University continues making strides in creating pro-active, tolerant and socially aware young African leaders through giving its students the opportunity to lead, make an impact and celebrate their uniqueness.