AU Students elect new members of the Student Representative Council

10 April 2018
On Tuesday the 10th of April 2018 Africa University’s student body took part in the Student Representative Council elections to select amongst their peers those that will be their voice and champion the cause of each student here at AU.  The candidates from countries such as Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Liberia and Zimbabwe engaged in head on debates touching on issues of diversity, integration and student welfare.

Speaking on the electoral process and its significance to Africa’s next generation of Leaders, Electoral Committee Chairman Mr. Christopher Namilonga, a first year student in the Master of Public Policy programme, said,

“This is an important process as it allows us as the youth of Africa to experience and practice the principles and processes of democracy. Running for positions within the SRC is an opportunity to represent the people and practice the leadership skills that form every aspect of life at AU”.

Mr. Brian Sichula (Zambia), (2nd year Agribusiness Management) romped to victory becoming the incoming SRC President for 2018/19. He said,

“On the night that the election results were due to be announced, the tension was palpable. There were 4 other candidates contending for this position, each deserving, eager and capable but only one could be chosen. I am proud that my peers chose me and I have accepted this huge responsibility with humility. I am eager and ready to serve!”

The incumbent SRC President Mr. Abisalom Oluoch from Kenya who is a final year student enrolled in the Theology programme congratulated the incoming SRC and had some advice for those about to take over the mantle of student leadership,

“The execution of the responsibilities of the SRC and the office of the President is entrusted by the students. It will be hard but faith, commitment to those we serve and vision will be your inspiration and comfort.”

Africa University has a strong track record of women putting themselves in the spotlight and never shying away from climbing to the top. The only female candidate for the position of SRC President 2nd year Ms. Andile Thaku garnered the second highest number of votes and has become the SRC Vice President. She said,

“Being in the SRC is a privilege and at this moment it has brought about a whole new meaning to my understanding to openness and constructive criticism. Knowing that I was the only female candidate in this category was a fact that I never dwelt on. I simply focused on my capabilities and the responsibilities that would come with the position.”

Speaking in the broader context of female emancipation in politics, Andile said,

“Women are still unfortunately misunderstood and our gender is considered an impediment and limitation to progression. I encourage other women to seize every opportunity presented to them.”

Africa University has a powerful history of female leaders in its administration, faculty and student body. With a 53% female student ratio, the University remains committed to empowering women in leadership.

Story By
Jeanette Dadzie