"AU and CEO Roundtable sign landmark MOU to capacitate and train captains of industry

27August 2019

Story by

Jeanette Dadzie

Africa University signed a landmark MOU with CEO Africa Roundtable (CEO ART) that shall see the university host and facilitate Executive Training Programmes through its Business Academy that will offer a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas among senior executives and captains of industry across Zimbabwe.


Speaking during the official signing ceremony held at the institutions’ main campus, VC Prof Furusa said,

"We are indeed blessed today. This has been a long time coming. We have had the desire to see universities and industry come together to not only facilitate the economic competitiveness of our industry but the uplifting of the continent. There is a commitment between our two organizations to see Africa develop. We need innovative and robust initiatives to drive our economies and the bedrock of this is partnerships such as these. The goal is to implement a strategy and well-structured tactical approach aimed at making our industries and continent a conducive and adaptable space for innovation.  We will develop programmes that will promote the development of our professionals to create pathways for them to get various certifications to advance their adaptive and leadership capacities. All this will also foster innovation through applied and theoretical research

The Chairman of the CEO Africa Roundtable Mr.  Oswell Binha added,

" CEO Africa Roundtable was created to provide a platform for CEOs to converge on cross cutting issues. Our decisions have an impact on the development of the continent.  The roundtable was created to ensure we have a common platform to create a soundboard for ideas. We have been global and are providing opportunities for industry. We realised there is however a gap. It is one thing for African industry to produce goods but if the product is not pushed to the global market it will fail to thrive.  We give capacity to elevate industry. We found Africa University to be a capable and unique partner to advance our efforts. The products coming from this institution are representative of the continent and your graduates have found themselves at critical institutions globally.  The level of decision making therefore is improving especially in value chains. We are very excited at this partnership."



Africa University has long rallied the cause for the removal of silos between tertiary education and industry, emphasizing that the two are inextricably linked. Constant dialogue and engagement between the two sectors has the potential to create a virtuous cycle of information, learning and growth with industry involved in the process of developing the critical skills necessary for economic development.


Mr. Kipson Gundani, the CEO of CEO ART spoke of the eagerness of his organization to be part of the transformation agenda of Africa University and the promise that the partnerships holds not only for Zimbabwe but for the continent of Africa.

"The future is bright as we move forward and we are very upbeat. We will proceed straight into the development of an implementation matrix and we aim to get our first class next year at our next CEO Africa conference in 2020 in Victoria Falls. You have a rich network of experts globally and we wish to tap into that. Our dream is to build a network of 10 000 CEOs across the continent. We shall in doing this, create the change we want.  We are less than two years old as an organization and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us.”