First cohort of AU students who will be operating the kiosk

AU and Steward Bank launch Zimbabwe’s first Kiosk Banking Unit

23 March 2018
On the 23rd of March 2018, Africa University in partnership with Steward Bank launched a Kiosk Banking Unit, the first of its kind anywhere in Zimbabwe. What makes this innovative concept all the more remarkable is that this will also be the first bank to be wholly operated by students.
Presiding over the prestigious event was AU Board Chairman Bishop Marcus Matthews who took the time to reflect of Africa University’s 26 year history and the momentous achievements that’s it has accomplished with the launch of the banking kiosk cementing AU’s place in history as a generator and incubator of amazing ideas and daring leadership.

Bishop Matthews said of the AU Steward Bank Partnership,

“Our two organizations are driven by a common Christian faith and goal that is to create positive disruptions that benefit communities.” Bishop Matthews went on to say, “Banking services will be made available to the community that surrounds AU and will be exclusively run by students. This feeds into Africa University’s commitment to immersing our students in practical learning and skills development.”

Steward Bank CEO Dr Lance Mambondiani added,

“This bank may be branded Steward Bank but it belongs to you (AU). We aim establish a partnership with you that has the capacity of transcending time with the aim of creating a relationship that is mutually beneficial and symbiotic in nature because as AU grows, so do we.”

From left. Dr Mambondiani, Bishop Matthews pose together during the ribbon cutting ceremony of the kiosk

Steward bank and Africa University’s partnership is one that has been forged in a common mission and vision of enriching the lives of the continent’s youth and creating a platform for opportunities and growth to flourish. Steward Bank has repeatedly staked its commitment to the Africa University Dream and keeping it alive by being an active partner who is always ready and willing to serve the cause of transforming the economic and technological landscape of Zimbabwe and Africa.

Steward Bank , which is a subsidiary of Econet Wireless, shares vast similarities with Africa University in that both are relatively young with Steward Bank being established in 2009 and in the short time that both entities have been in existence, the mark that they have left is indelible and their impact undeniable. Steward Bank has built for itself a reputation for disruptive thinking and a knack for tackling old problems with new solutions.

Bishop Matthews and Dr Mambondiani tour the inside of the kiosk

Kiosks are aesthetically and ergonomically designed cabins. They can be used for advertising, promotion and information purposes that can be adapted to allow banking transactions bringing convenience, flexibility and accessibility to the most isolated groups of a country or region.
Story By
Jeanette Dadzie
Story Editor
Tsitsi Kanonge