Thank you: Africa University bids farewell to long- serving board members

17 October 2019

Long- serving Board Members, Outgoing Chancellor of Africa University Bishop David Yemba, former General Secretary of the Global Board of Higher Education and Ministry Dr. Kim Cape and Professor Pamela Machakanja, the Dean of the College of Business, Peace, Leadership and Governance were honoured on the night of the 17th of October 2019 by colleagues, friends and the Africa University Community for their service.

Outgoing Chancellor Bishop David Yemba has been with the University since its very humble beginnings in the late 80’s to the early 90’s serving as a lecturer in the then Faculty of Theology. Since then, he has been an integral part of the institutions life. On the Africa University Board, Bishop Yemba has dedicated 10 sterling years on the Executive and Governance Nominations Committees. Dr. Kim Cape has served for 9 years in The Governance and Nominations Committee, The Executive Committee and The Finance Committee while Professor Pamela Machakanja has been a member of the Board for 11 years serving The Infrastructure Committee.

Professor Munashe Furusa in his farewell remarks to the honourees said,

“We are in awe of your exemplary leadership and we wanted to take the time to celebrate each one of you for what you have done for Africa University. Collectively serving over a period spanning 12 wonderful years, you have been with us through the best of times and the worst of times. We could not have asked for more impactful, passionate and exemplary mentors, teachers and leaders. We shall never forget you. Go forth in the knowledge that Africa University shall continue to break new ground, transform and be beacon of hope and promise.”

Each of the guests of honour shared their feelings on the journey and call to do God’s work that they felt in helping to build Africa University into the source for transformational change that it is today. Professor Machakanja said,

“Once Africa University has gotten into your spirit you are hooked!  My late husband believed in this University so much and in what it is trying to achieve. He would often pay for the tuition fees of students in need. In continuing his legacy, I have asked that all the proceeds from the published works of my late husband be sent to Africa University. In addition to this, myself and my sisters give back to the institution as well. That is what this place does, it opens within you a spirit of giving like no other and I encourage everyone who can to do the same.”
Professor Machakanja made a further gift to the University on the night as well as Bishop David Yemba who donated to the Jokomo Yamada Library a Lutheran Bible that was a gift from his son on the eve of his and Mrs Yemba’s 50th wedding anniversary.

The Africa University Choir led by Choir Director Mr. Tendekai Kuture sang a tribute song to the works and commitment to the honourees in appreciation of their time, their love and their service.