Delegates to the just ended Africa College of Bishops Learning Retreat

Africa University commended at the Africa College of Bishops Learning Retreat

15 September 2017

Africa University has been commended for its committed role to developing leaders for the African continent who continue to make a difference and bring about impactful change. This was revealed at the recently ended Africa College of Bishops Learning Retreat. The retreat took place from 4 to 8 September at the main campus in Mutare.
In his address, Bishop John Yambasu, who is the President of the Africa College of Bishops, commended Africa University for its continued efforts in training leaders for the continent. He said,

“Now more than ever, Africa University should play a pivotal role in training more masters and doctorate level students who will feed into institutions of the United Methodist church and the entire global village.”

The delegation of the African College of Bishops of the United Methodist Church, (UMC) gathered around the theme, “The Journey Ahead”, adopted from Joshua 3 vs.1 -15. Active and retired Bishops from all the Episcopal Areas in Africa were represented and were joined by Bishop Kenneth Carter of the Florida Episcopal Area in the USA.
In a special presentation made to the Bishops, Africa University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Munashe Furusa, emphasized that the University continues to fulfill its mandate of leadership development and remains successful because of the support from the United Methodist Church.

“Africa University’s original vision as a pan–African institution remains viable and essential for the growth and transformation of the continent. We are grateful to the faith-filled commitment, action and steadfast support by the African Bishops and the global UMC community.” said Prof. Furusa.

Prof. Furusa further revealed to the Bishops that plans are underway for the establishment of an Institute of Theology and Religious Studies within the new structure of the University. This, he explained, is in response to the needs of the church and will provide continuing education for ministers at every level. As he concluded, he said,

“The Institute will approach all the disciplines from an African perspective and will offer practical theology, spirituality and applied arts of the ministry.”

Over the course of the 5 day retreat workshop, the Bishops engaged in high level dialogues targeted to strengthen the UMC network across the African continent and globally. Collectively, the Bishops shared their joys from each of their episcopal areas and aimed to explore opportunities to impact more lives in Africa, together with the support of the global United Methodist mission.

By AU Correspondent