His Excellency, US Ambassador visits Africa University


From left - His Excellency, Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jnr, Prof. Munashe Furusa. Credit - Ngaatendwe Murimba


08 November 2017
The United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency, Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jnr visited Africa University’s Main Campus to strengthen the partnership between the University and the United States Embassy on 7 November 2017.

Africa University (AU) Vice Chancellor Prof. Munashe Furusa gave a presentation which highlighted the ongoing developments at the University. The University is an international institute of higher learning contributing to public health, food security, malaria research, intellectual property and child rights and child studies in the region.

“Africa University is playing a pivotal role in the integration of Africa. 92% of our graduates remain on the continent and are involved in playing a pivotal role in the integration of Africa. Our alumni have created a new meaning of what it means to build Africa.” said Prof. Furusa.

Prof. Munashe Furusa took time to thank the Ambassador for all the support which continues to strengthen the University’s mandate of nurturing Christian centered and ethical leaders for the African continent.

His Excellency, Ambassador Thomas Jnr. expressed excitement over the transformative impact that Africa University continues to make on the continent through leadership development of young Africans.

A guided tour was given to His Excellency, Ambassador Thomas Jnr. who visited several of the University’s research facilities and enterprises to get more appreciation of how the University is growing through enterprise development as well as to get more exposure of the University’s ongoing research that is contributing to national and continental development.


AU Registrar, Mr. Njonga (left) explaining the i5 Hub concept to HE Ambassador Thomas Jnr. Credit - Ngaatendwe Murimba

Africa University has strong partnerships with the United States of America government facilitated through the US Embassy based in Harare and the United States Agency for international Development (USAID). Over the course of the long standing relationship, the University has received financial donations which went into construction of physical assets which include the Jokomo Yamada Library, ICT building, Department of Agriculture, Department of Health Sciences, Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance building.


Library Client Services Librarian, Mr. Brian Kutiwa (far right) giving a tour of the Jokomo Yamada Library. Credit - Ngaatendwe Murimba

By Ngaatendwe Murimba

Story Editor Tsitsi Kanonge