Hon. Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education in Zimbabwe, Prof. Murwira hails Africa University research and innovation


From left – Honourable Minister, Prof. Murwira, AU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Furusa and the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Sibanda pose for a photo on visit

The Honorable Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Development Professor Amon Murwira visited the AU main campus on the 1st of February 2018. The Minister who was accompanied by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Desire Sibanda is currently embarking on  familiarization tours to the country’s institutions of higher learning to communicate the Ministry’s vision for higher education in the country and to also learn of the research, new technologies being developed and contributions that Universities are making to the country’s economic development.

The chief objectives for the Ministerial visit were to realign Universities to the new economic trajectory of the country and make higher education institutions net contributors to the developmental process, encourage and explore value addition opportunities of the nations’ exports to make them more valuable and attractive on the global market and finally, how Zimbabwe can best access and utilize its natural resources to give the country a competitive edge.

During the visit, the Minister held two high level meetings where he communicated the Ministry’s vision. He emphasized that the Government is committed to the transformation of Higher Education in Zimbabwe and will be supporting all universities through student loan facilities, a move that was highly appreciated by management. The Minister, who also received an opportunity to tour AU’s facilities, was particularly impressed with the nation’s first innovation hub that is currently housed at AU. Speaking on the AU i5 Hub, Prof. Murwira said that AU has answered the call to build knowledge based industries and this is the beginning of a new and transformed Zimbabwe.


Honourable Minister Prof Murwira (centre) on receiving a guided tour of the i5 Hub from the Hub Manager, Miss Washaya (extreme right).

Professor Murwira hammered home the point that education in this day and age needs to mean more than simply acquiring a qualification and that it should never be a means to an end. Africa University has time and again led the pack in creating competitive programmes and driving research that answers the continent’s toughest questions, raises the bar and set trends that meaningfully adds to and enhances the lives of the continent’s youth and boosts her economies.

Story by - J. Dadzie
Story Editor - T Kanonge