Jokomo Yamada Library reinforces security systems to protect precious library resources

3 April 2019
Jeanette Dadzie
OAPA Correspondent
The Jokomo Yamada Library recently installed and launched the 3M Library Security System that will add another dimension of security to the current CCTV installed throughout the building and bolster the protection of various rare books and archives that are stored within the facility. University Librarian Dr. Rosemary Maturure said, “I am excited to have the security system as it is going to help us secure our resources and I am extremely grateful to the University management for addressing this critical needs area timely and efficiently.”

The system works using electromagnetic technology that is utilized in libraries across the world. It is a time-tested technology for protecting valuable library collections. Its security markers are made of specialized magnetic materials that respond to low-level magnetic fields generated by detection devices at the library exit. The markers are sensitized or desensitized with staff accessories or patron self-checkout devices. A properly desensitized item does not set off the alarm at the EM security gate. If the item has not been desensitized, however, an alarm will sound at the library exit.

EM technology offers unmatched security for two reasons, first that its markers are covert, concealed in books spines or between pages, and second its operational frequency is low, making shielding of the marker signal nearly impossible. Because the EM markers are hard to shield and difficult to vandalize, common shoplifting methods cannot be used to steal marked books or items. (

Africa University makes it imperative for its various departments and units to harness technology to bring efficiency, transparency, security, as in this instance, and synchronization to its processes to better serve clients and stakeholders.