March intake class of 2019 Matriculate

Jeanette Dadzie

OAPA Correspondent

On the 15th of March 2019, over 200 students matriculated at the Africa University main campus with over 55% being female, a factor that continues to stand out as the institution continues to drive the agenda for gender inclusive education on the African continent. The Matriculation ceremony is one where new students are formally inducted into the Africa University community and sign the university register where they commit to abide by the rules of the institution and stand by its tradition of Ubuntu and Pan Africanism.


The Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa welcomed the new freshmen to the university with words of wisdom and encouragement. He said,

“Africa University is a young institution, begun in 1992. At 27, we have pushed the boundaries of convention and achieved the unimaginable. We have the distinct reputation of leading where others have faltered or have not been daring enough, and this has yielded returns that we are still enjoying years after taking the initial risk. Why I allude to this particular idiosyncrasy that exists within our DNA, is that I wish to communicate to you the kind of university that you have decided to join.”


He went on to validate the decision of those in attendance of choosing Africa University that has gained a reputation for academic and spiritual excellence, diversity and professionalism saying,

“I want to assure you that in coming to Africa University, you have made the right choice and we sincerely thank you and your parents for placing your trust in us and our processes to endow you with the best in education, facilities and student experience within the continent and the region. Your trust has not been misplaced. As a university we hold ourselves to impeccably high standards that I am sure you have already witnessed.”


He went on to candidly address the challenges that would confront both young men and women in the March intake cohort to conscientize them of the need to value themselves, their futures and the potential that they are yet to realize. The Africa University Choir welcomed the March Intake students in its typical lively and Pan- African fashion, sharing in the jubilation of the moment and congratulating the matriculants on the journey that they are about to undertake.


SRC President Mr. Brian Sichula from Zambia shared some of his experiences at the university during his first year that were undoubtedly invaluable to the new students and will serve as a constant point of reference that will guide them.


A highlight to the occasion was a speech presented by Ms. Chelsea Ewes, a first year March intake student studying Social Work who greeted her fellow students as

“African Kings and Queens” extolling the virtues inherent in valuing oneself and knowing one’s worth. She said, “The future is ours for the taking and we should know who we are, that we are African royalty and as such we must conduct ourselves. I am proud to now call myself an Africa University student, an Acacian!”

Ms. Ewes positivity and love for the university was infectious with her address inspiring a standing ovation from both staff and students. The Matriculation ceremony is an annual event that is held twice a year for the March and August intake groups respectively that has remained a highlight in the university calendar.