Students celebrate religious diversity and inclusivity through gospel concert


By Expectation Mazarura
IPAO Correspondent
On the 27th of November 2018, the Africa University Student Representative Council hosted an electrifying gospel concert that brought together students from different religious backgrounds under the theme, “Letting God take the driver’s seat”. Co- organizers of the event, Praise the Lord Choir, which is an over 30-member strong choir of 13 nations from Ghana, Nigeria, DRC, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi, provided support performances throughout the night and proved to be a very popular act.

7 choirs from around Zimbabwe were also invited to perform at the occasion offering those in attendance a glimpse into various praise and worship styles and an opportunity to interact and network.

The development and nurturing of the talent of students allows a different perspective of campus life and an escape from the everyday pressures of student life in a positive and uplifting way that encourages growth both spiritually and personally. This is in line with Africa University’s strategic vision aimed at creating well- rounded leaders who are exposed to and appreciate diversity and inclusion.

As one student, Munashe Mandonye said afterwards,

“It was a great event and it was definitely one of those functions where we are able to have fun but also derive invaluable life lessons. I left feeling spiritually uplifted and was intrigued by the different ways in which we can worship and reconnect with God.”

Didar Kasungula, the Legal and Social Welfare Secretary of the SRC described why the event was so important saying,

“Our main objective was to bring students closer to God and to each other. We have a variety of events that we put together as the SRC that facilitate these objectives however, our intention is to cater to as many students as possible as sometimes it is easy to cater for one sub- set of the student body unintentionally neglecting another that may not necessarily be interested or engaged with the activities set. So this was our effort to diversify the events on offer and better serve our diverse constituency.”

Africa University aims to develop students in areas that extend beyond the academic into the social and spiritual spheres. Supported by the SRC in this endeavour, AU continues to meet its mandate of student centred service and leadership development.