Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa delivers maiden address for 2019 to AU Community


30 January 2019

Story By

Jeanette Dadzie
Office of Advancement and Public Affairs Correspondent

On the 30th of January 2019, Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa addressed students and staff at the Africa University main campus in the Kwang Lim Chapel. In his annual address, Prof. Furusa took the time to welcome both students and staff back to the institution from the festive season expressing thanks for the numerous blessings from the previous year 2018.

“Welcome back to Africa University! Each new year invites us to renew ourselves and renew our identity. It is a time for introspection and taking account of what we have achieved and to set new goals of excellence for ourselves.”

Expressing gratitude to those staff who selflessly made themselves available to serve the university community offering essential services from security, to dining to cleaning and health sectors, Prof Furusa said,

“We also take this opportunity to heartily thank and appreciate those staff members who were here throughout the holidays, offering their service and dedication.”

Sharing his vision for the coming year, the Vice Chancellor encouraged the university to embrace technology and to find ways to integrate it into their teaching and learning.

“We are in a techno-scientific age where we need to find ways to leverage the technological advancements that we are presented with to improve on our efficiency and delivery. Technology is a tool that will help us on our journey to world class status. We should strive to be part of those bold organizations that are changing the narrative of Africa through excellence.”

In true Pan- African spirit and in keeping with the inclusive and diverse cultures of Africa University, Prof Furusa urged those in attendance to embrace one another’s differences with open minds and open hearts. Both students and staff were urged to seek out new experiences amongst each other and to integrate to uphold the colourful community that has become an integral part of the university brand and identity.

Speaking to the economic challenges currently facing the nation of Zimbabwe, Prof. Furusa said,

“Through the challenges that are presented to us we must strive to be developers and innovators of solutions. As a university we must stand together through these trials in the knowledge that together we can overcome any adversity. This is a year in which we accept and proclaim that all things are possible through our God who enables and strengthens us. We must also constantly measure our performance to build a model of efficiency and continual improvement.”

In closing the Vice Chancellor invited the university community to work towards the vison of propelling the institution to greater heights and becoming a hub for innovation, enterprise development, collaboration and sustainable growth for the continent and beyond.