Bachelor in Early Childhood Education Honours B.ECE (Hons)

Bachelor in Early Childhood Education Honours B.ECE (Hons)


College: College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education

Programme Level: Undergraduate

Duration: 3 year(s)

Department: Department of Humanities & Education

Learning Mode: Full Time

Location: Main Campus

Students who successfully graduate from this programme will be able to:
1. establish or improve, an early childhood learning environment using principles selected from classes (research, ECE theories and their life experiences);
2. observe actions, language, and social behavior of young children in an Early Childhood Education classroom, assess children’s skills and behavior based on developmentally appropriate practices, and report their findings;
3. provide parent education and encourage parental participation in early learning experiences with their own, and other, children through opportunities offered at the early learning setting;
4. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of family and community characteristics to support and empower families through reciprocal and respectful relationships;
5. explicate the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment including observation and documentation and other appropriate strategies.

To register for the Bachelor in Early Childhood Education Honours Degree Programme, a candidate must satisfy the usual entry requirements for an undergraduate degree as stipulated in the University registration rules. English and Mathematics (variable) at O’ Level are compulsory subjects and should normally have been obtained with a minimum grade “C”. In addition to the above, for admission to the Bachelor in Early Childhood Education Honours Degree Programme, an applicant must have a teaching certificate/diploma in either Pre-School or Infant Education or its equivalent recognized by the Africa University; and must have completed at least two (2) years of post-training educational experience recognised by the Africa University.


Tuition Registration Fee Technology Fee Student Union Fee Laboratory Fee Health Fee Full Board
$ 1680 $ 50 $ 100 $ 20 $ $ 125 $ 1000

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