Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours in Psychology

Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours in Psychology


College: College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education

Programme Level: Undergraduate

Duration: 4 year(s)

Department: Department of Social Sciences

Learning Mode: Full Time

Location: Main Campus

The programme runs for eight semesters. A student must have attained a cumulative grade point average [CGPA] of at least 3.20 to be eligible for the honours programme. Then the new honours students will select courses from the 6 thematic areas of the programme as they are offered in each semester, in addition to the University-wide courses, HIT 100 Introduction to Information Technology, HCS101 Communication Skills 1, HFR111 French for Beginners 1, HPO111 Portuguese for Beginners 1, HAS100 Introduction to African Studies, HCS102 Communication Skills 2, HFR112 French for Beginners II, HPO112 Portuguese for Beginners II and TEV200 Ethics and Christian Values.

Summary of Core Courses
  1. All the introductory, theoretical and methodological courses listed under thematic areas are core courses and therefore compulsory. These include
  2. HSA 201 Introduction to Sociology 1,
  3. HSA 203 Introduction to Social Anthropology 1,
  4. HSA 202 Introduction to Sociology 2,
  5. HSA 204 Introduction to Social Anthropology 2,
  6. HSA 205 History of Sociological Thought,
  7. HSA 206 Contemporary Social Problems in Africa,
  8. HSA 301 Modern Sociological Theory (20th Century),
  9. HSA 303 Introduction to Social Research,
  10. HSA 302 Research Design and Data Analysis,
  11. HSA 408 Field Research and Text Analysis,
  12. HSA 320 Internship,
  13. HSA 401 Development Project Evaluation, and Analysis,
  14. HSA 419 Contemporary Social Theory,
  15. HSA 402 Sociology Honours Research Project and
  16. HAS 403 African Social Thought.

Satisfactory completion of all the requirements in those courses is a condition for the award of the degree. The courses are offered as follows.

Normal Entry

  • At least two GCE Advanced level passes or equivalent.
  • 5 ‘O’ level passes at grade “C” or better including English Language and Mathematics.

Tuition Registration Fee Technology Fee Student Union Fee Laboratory Fee Health Fee Full Board
$ 1680 $ 50 $ 100 $ 20 $ $ 125 $ 1000

Jobs You Could Have

Government, Human Capital Management, Development work, Guidance and counselling, Monitoring and Evaluation, NGOs and CSOs, Social Services, Public Health and Consultancy

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