Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and Communication Studies

About the Programme

N.B Students may opt for a major-minor combination or a double major from the Department of Humanities (English, French, Portuguese, History and Music)

English and Communication Studies Degree Programme Curriculum

In order to graduate a student should have completed a minimum of 120 credit hours of tuition.

Year One Semester One

Required University-wide courses
  1. HCS101 Communication Skills 1;
  2. HSL1/HFR111/HPO111 Language (English as Second Language, French or Portuguese Beginners);
  3. HAS100 Introduction to African Studies Core courses
  4. HEC101 Origins of Language ;
  5. HEC102 Introduction to English Grammar ;
  6. HEC103 Introduction to Linguistics

Year One Semester Two

Required University-wide courses
  1. HCS102 Communication Skills 2;
  2. HSL2/HFR112/HPO112 Language (ESL, French, Portuguese);
  3. HIT100 Introduction to Information Technology
Core courses
  1. HEC112 Introduction to Communication Theory 1;
  2. HEC113 Multi-Media Communication (1)
  1. HEC114 Practical Criticism
  2. or
  3. HEC115 Creative Writing

Year Two Semester One

Core courses
  1. HEC201 Syntax and Semantics;
  2. HEC202 Language and Gender;
  3. HEC203 Theory and Criticism of Literature;
  4. HEC204 Broadcasting Media: TV and Radio (1);
  5. HEC205 Introduction to Genre: Poetry, Drama and the Novel
  1. HEC206 Literature in Film and Screen Writing
  2. or
  3. HEC207 Film, Culture and Literature

Year Two Semester Two

Required University-wide course
  1. TEV212 Ethics and Christian values
Core courses
  1. HEC222 Communication Theory 2;
  2. HEC223 Socio- Linguistics;
  3. HEC224 Multi-media Communication 2;
  4. HEC 225 Business and professional Speech Communication;
  5. HEC226 African American and Caribbean Literature

Year Three Semester One

Core courses
  1. HEC301 Small group communication;
  2. HEC311 Advanced Writing and Speaking Skills;
  3. HEC321 Newspaper and Print Communication;
  4. HEC331 Argumentation and Debate;
  5. HEC341 Music as Communication and Creative Practice;
  6. HEC351 Discourse Analysis

Year Three Semester Two

  1. HEC312 Internship

Year Four Semester One

  1. HEC312 Internship (continued)

Year Four Semester Two

Core courses
  1. HEC402 Communication and Advertising;
  2. HEC412 Communication and Leadership (HEC422 Health Communication;
  3. HEC432 Intercultural Communication ;
  4. HEC442 Research Project
  1. HEC452 Introduction to Video Production and Editing
  • HEC462 Cinema and Society
  • Total Credit Hours : 121

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