Bachelor Of Arts (Humanities and Social Science)

About the Programme

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences is suitable for students with a general interest in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, who wish to construct their own course of study rather than being committed to a prescribed set curriculum.

N.B Students may opt for a major-minor combination or a double major from either Humanities (English, French, Portuguese, History and Music) or Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Geography and Environmental Studies)

Students doing this programme can choose one major from the list of majors offered either by the department of Humanities or the department of Social Sciences and these are:
  1. Environmental Studies,
  2. Geography,
  3. Sociology,
  4. Psychology,
  5. English,
  6. French,
  7. Portuguese,
  8. History and
  9. Music

N.B Students may opt for a major-minor combination or a double major.

For more information pertaining to the major-minor combinations, Please contact the following :

College Administrator on

Students of the humanities are not just well-versed in their subject, they are also great communicators and excellent writers. They often have a love of arts and people as well. These qualities translate to a host of job options. Read below to discover just a few possibilities.

  • Teacher
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Technical Writer
  • Artist
  • Counseling
  • Event Organizer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Genealogist
  • Linguist
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Journalist
  • Human Resources Specialist