Bachelor of Science(Honours) in Counselling

About the Programme

The BSc Honours in Counselling will be a full time 4 year programme which will have 3 years (6 semesters) of taught courses and 2 semesters of internship. A student will need a minimum of 120 credit hours to satisfy the requirements for graduation. The programme will be multidisciplinary in nature and will borrow selected courses from Psychology and Sociology. The students will carry out independent research under the supervision of assigned lecturers.


Entry Requirements

Applicants will be selected on the basis of the following:
A minimum of 5 O levels including Maths and English. Atleast 2 good A level passes with 2 points or better in relevant subject areas.

Mature Entry:

Candidates will be considered for mature entry under the following conditions:

  • Applicants must be at least 25 years or above at the time of application
  • Applicants must have obtained 5 O level subjects including English and Maths
  • Work/Practical experience in a related field will be an added advantage

Year One Semester One

  1. HCO 111 Introduction to Counselling 3 hr
  2. HPS 141 Introduction to Social Psychology 3hr
  3. HSO 101 Introduction to Sociology 3hr
  4. HCS 101 Communication skills 1 3 hr
  5. HFR 111/HPO 111French/Portuguese for beginners 1 3hr
  6. HAS 100 Introduction to African studies 3hr
Total Credit Hours: 18 credit hrs

Year One Semester Two

  1. HCO 121 Theories and Practice in Counselling 3hr
  2. HCO 122 Counselling skills and techniques 3hr
  3. HCO 123 Ethics and Professionalismin Counselling 3hr
  4. HCO124Counselling in the African Context. 3 hr
  5. HCS 102 Communication skills 2 3hr
  6. HFR 112 French/Portuguese for beginners 2 3 hr
  7. HIT 100 Introduction to Information technology 2hr
Total Credit Hours :20 credit hrs

Year Two Semester One

  1. HCO 211 HIV/AIDS Counselling 3 hr
  2. HSW 213 Social and Emotional Intelligence 3 hr
  3. HPS 208 Psychopathology3 hr
  4. HCO 212 Counselling Children 3 hr
  5. HCO 213 Research Methods and Statistics in Counselling 3 hr
  6. HCO 214 Ubuntu Counselling 3 hr
Total Credit Hours: 18 credit hours

Year Two Semester Two

  1. HSW122BuildingIndividual and Family resilience 3 hr
  2. HSW 223Trauma Counselling 3hr
  3. HSW 224 Psychosocial support for Vulnerable Populations 3 hr
  4. HCO 221Internet addiction and Counseling 3 hr
  5. HPS 427 Group Dynamics and Human Relations 3 hr
  6. HCO 222Systemic Psychotherapy 3 hr
  7. TEV 200 Ethics and Christian Values 2 hr
Total Credit Hours: 20 credit hrs

Year Three Semester One

  1. HPS424 Unique Groupsin Counselling 3 hr
  2. HCO 311 Counselling Practice 3 hr
  3. HSW124 Sociology and Management of Social Problems 3 hr
  4. HPS 242 Community Psychology 3 hr
  5. HCO 312Reflective Professional Practice in Counselling 3 hr
  6. HCO 313Group Counselling 3 hr
Total Credit Hours: 18 credit hrs

Year Three Semester Two

  1. HCO 321 INTERNSHIP (work in progress)

Year Four Semester One

  1. HCO 321 INTERNSHIP (work in progress)

Year Four Semester Two

  1. HCO 421 Career Counselling and Talent Development 3 hr
  2. HCO 422Research project 6 hr
  3. HSO 427 Sociology of Disasters and Relief Work 3 hr
  4. HPS 447 Health Psychology 3 hr
Total Credit Hours: 15 credit hrs

Graduates in the Counselling programme will eligible for employment in the following positions: Cousellors in a number of organisations that include the schools, hospitals, NGOs andChurch.
Graduates can also be employed as programme managers and officers in organisations that deal with vulnerable populations.