Bachelor Of Science With Education Degree In Business Commerce

About the Programme

The four-year Bachelor of Science with Education in Business/Commerce Programmeis offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Management and Administration. There is no option for major and minor in this programme. Students are required to take all specified Business courses in the programme. The programme prepares candidates to be able to teach Business or Commerce courses at the secondary school level. The programme involves seven semesters of coursework plus an additional semester of teaching practice.

Year One Semester One

  1. EFN100 Sociology of Education;
  2. HCS101 Communication Skills I;
  3. HFR111 French for Beginners I or HPO111 Portuguese for Beginners I or HSL111 English as a Second Language I;
  4. Three Required Courses in Business

Year One Semester Two

  1. EFN101 Educational Psychology;
  2. EFN200 History of African Education;
  3. HFR112 French for Beginners II or HPO112 Portuguese for Beginners II or HSL112 English as a Second Language II;
  4. HAS100 African Studies;
  5. Three Required Courses in Business

Year Two Semester One

  1. ECI 200 General Methods of Teaching;
  2. EFN 300 Philosophy of Education;
  3. HIT 100 Information Technology;
  4. Four Required Courses in Business

Year Two Semester Two

  1. ECI202 Instructional Technology;
  2. EFN201 Guidance and Counselling;
  3. TEV200 Ethics and Christian Values;
  4. Four Required Courses in Business.

Year Three Semester One

  1. ECI300 Content Methods I;
  2. ECI301 Content Methods II;
  3. ECI405 Measurement and Evaluation;
  4. Four Required Courses in Business.

Year Three Semester Two

  1. ECI302 Teaching Practice

Year Four Semester One

  1. ECI304 Research Methods;
  2. EFN400 School Organisation;
  3. Three Required Courses in Business

Year Four Semester Two

  1. ECI412 Project in Education;
  2. Education Elective;
  3. Three Required Courses in Business

Core Business Courses

  1. MAC101 Foundations of Accounting I 3 Credit Hours
  2. MAC102 Foundations of Accounting II 3 Credit Hours
  3. MEC101 Economic Principles 1 3 Credit Hours
  4. MEC102 Economic Principles II 3 Credit Hours
  5. MKT102 Principles of Marketing 3 Credit Hours
  6. MMS101 Mathematics for Business I 3 Credit Hours
  7. MMS103 Introduction to Management 3 Credit Hours
  8. MMS105 Mathematics for Business II 3 Credit Hours
  9. MMS202 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions I 3 Credit Hours
  10. MMS203 Business Law 3 Credit Hours
  11. MAC204 Business Finance 3 Credit Hours
  12. MMS401 Entrepreneurship and SBM 3 Credit Hours
  13. MMS411 Strategic Management 3 Credit Hours

Additional Courses

  1. MAC201 Cost Accounting 3Credit Hours
  2. MAC202 Intermediate Accounting I 3 Credit Hours
  3. MAC301 Management Accounting 3 Credit Hours
  4. MEC201 Intermediate Microeconomics 3Credit Hours
  5. MEC204 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3Credit Hours
  6. MEC403 Development Economics 3Credit Hours
  7. MMS201 Organisational Behaviour 3Credit Hours
  8. MMS224 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions II 3Credit Hours
  9. MMS302 Human Resources Management 3Credit Hours

Elective Courses

Students are required to select any TWO of the following courses:
  1. MAC203 Intermediate Accounting II 3Credit Hours
  2. MAC206 Principles of Public Finance 3 Credit Hours
  3. MEC205 Money and Banking 3Credit Hours
  4. MEC207 History of Economic Thought 3Credit Hours
  5. MKT302 Purchasing and Materials Mgt 3Credit Hours
  6. MKT401 Marketing Management 3Credit Hours
  7. MKT402 Retail and Sales Management 3Credit Hours
  8. MMS206 Management Theory and Practice I 3Credit Hours
  9. MMS408 International Business 3Credit Hours

Any other Business Course approved by the Dean

Career and Job Opportunities