Graduate Diploma In Human Rights Peace And Development

About the Programme

The courses required for the Graduate Diploma will normally be the same as for the Masters programme, except that Graduate Diploma students will not be required to undertake an internship or write a dissertation. In place of an internship and a dissertation Graduate Diploma students will do a project. To be awarded the Graduate Diploma the student must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of approved courses.

Year 1 Semester 1

6 courses (18 credit hours)

  1. PHR500 Conceptual Foundations and Philosophy of Human Rights(3 credits)
  2. PHR501 International & Regional Human Rights Systems(3 credits)
  3. PHR502 National Protection of Human Rights in Africa(3 credits)
  4. PHR503 Human Rights, Peace-building and Development(3 credits)
  5. PHR504 International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice(3 credits)
  6. PHR505 Research Methods I(3 credits)

Year 1 Semester 2

4 courses (12 credit hours)

For the purposes of specializations students are required to choose three courses in their chosen area of specialization which could either be:

  1. Master in Human Rights and Peace (MHRP)
  2. Master in Human Rights and Development (MHRD)

Students are also required to take a fourth course from either Human Rights and Peace or Human Rights and Development.

In addition students are required to take MHPD512 Research Methods.

  1. PPH506 Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights(3 credits)
  2. PHP507 Human Rights in Practice: Duty and Responsibility(3 credits)
  3. PHP508 Protection of Indigenous and Minority Groups(3 credits)
  4. PHP509 Counter Terrorism Measures and Human Rights(3 credits)
  5. PHP510 International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law(3 credits)
  6. PHP511 The Right of Women and Children(3 credits)
  7. PHP512 Research Methods II(3 credits)
Human Rights and Development Courses:
  1. PPD513 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights(3 credits)
  2. PPD514 The African Human Rights System(3 credits)
  3. PPD515 Human Rights and Business(3 credits)
  4. PPD516 Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law(3 credits)
  5. PPD517 Culture, Conflict and Human Rights Law(3 credits)
  6. PPD518 Human Rights and Health(3 credits)
  7. PPD519 Human Rights, Environment and Development(3 credits)
  8. PPD520 Human Rights, Intellectual Property and Development(3 credits)
  9. PPD512 Research Methods II(3 credits)

Year 2 Semester 1

PLG504 Dissertation (6 credit hours)

Career and Job Opportunities