Master of Education in Educational Leadership Management and Development

About the Programme

In 2002, the Africa University Board of Directors approved the offering of a Master of Education (MEd.) degree in Educational Leadership, Management and Development (ELMD) as an outreach programme, along with other programmes in ELMD, namely, Certificate and BEd.

The ELMD outreach programme, a capacity building and empowerment programme, was conceptualized, developed, and implemented in collaboration with the University of Fort Hare in South Africa. This attractive collaborative effort between universities across national boundaries made it possible for a generous contribution from the WK Kellogg Foundation which financed both the Zimbabwean and the South African initiatives.

All the ELMD programmes, namely, Certificate, Bachelor, and Master programmes at Africa University ended in June 2009 and the Faculty started offering the MEd programme in ELMD as a full-time programme to enable more people to develop the knowledge, skills, competencies, and values offered by the programme. The Programme is currently being offered on a block release mode of instruction.

Compulsory Courses

  1. ELM520The Community: Nature, Issues and Development
  2. ELM521 The School: Nature, Issues and Development
  3. ELM522 Leadership
  4. ELM524 Strategic Planning and Participatory Action
  5. ELM525 Educational Management & Development Information Systems (EMDIS)
  6. ELM526 Peace Education
  7. ELM527 Decentralisation
  8. ELM528 Research Methods
  9. ELM620 Projects and Finance
  10. ELM622 Policy and Education Development

Elective Courses

  1. ELM523 School Governance and Leadership
  2. ELM621 Leading Professional Development in Education
  3. ECI514 Community Oriented Curriculum Development Process.

Any other approved graduate course in the University and MBA 502 Computer Skills for those students without any background in Computer skills.

Career and Job Opportunities