Student Health

Clinic Services
  1. Family Planning services and Reproductive health services
  2. Men and women Health issues and screening
  3. Mental Health Services and counselling
  4. HIV/AIDS counselling and support
  5. Peer education programmes on life skills
  6. Health Promotion activities e.g.Health Fares
  7. World AIDS Commemoration
  8. Counselling on health issues
  9. Pregnancy especially unplanned
  10. Drug Abuse

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Counseling and Career Services
  1. Curriculum Vitae/Cover Letter/Personal statements
  2. Interview Skills and Coaching
  3. Vocational counseling, job placement
  4. Guidance and Counseling
  5. Clarifying career/life goals
  6. Career Development Workshops
  7. Identifying important career opportunities
  8. Research employers and networking
  9. Navigating the interview process
  10. Volunteer placements

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